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Here are some examples of products we can offer: We can adapt each product to fit specific customer needs. Contact us with your needs and we can work with you on the product specifications.

Effective October 01, 2021 Minimum Order Value $ 50.00 usd

We are a leading supplier of high quality, performance based EDM consumables. We provide only the highest quality products to our customers which is a benefit to you, because with our strong buying power and many connections around the world, we are able to provide you as a customer with stronger discounts. We provide the same EDM components as all the other EDM suppliers and we can do it for less. There is no reason to have multiple sources for your EDM needs. We are a true, "One Stop Shop."

Running a business is never easy, but building an effective relationship with a world leader in EDM consumables insures you are getting the best quality, the greatest value, and have access to state of the art products. Products that your local supplier does not even know exist. These are just a few of the examples that put ProSource EDM Consumables above the other brands.

As a business you know it is imperative to be competitive, to gain every advantage possible, and to stay ahead of the competition. This means knowing what products are in the marketplace and having access to them. This alone will give you the advantage over your competition. Using a local company that has a general store philosophy only makes them money while it cost you. You continue to fall further behind the times and become less competitive. We are here to help you further your business and stay competitive in this very treacherous market.

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